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Cabela's Survival: Shadows Of Katmai


Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai is an epic story that puts you face to face with the harsh Alaskan wilderness!
A strikingly deep storyline has you trek through snow covered forests, traverse icy cliffs and battle lethal predators to complete a mysterious mission. The question is: Can you survive?

- Overcome harsh environments to complete a mysterious mission

- Take on hoards of ravenous predators

- Traverse icy cliffs

- Challenge friends in the intense multiplayer shooting galleries


Publisher Activision Blizzard Release 18-11-2011
Genre Action Prod nr 4776CABESOK
Format WII EAN 5030917100277
Finns även Nej Info uppdaterad 15-10-2014 03:00
Vikt 0.15kg

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