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Ducky G2PRO PBT MX Brown Nordic


The Legendary Ducky
TheLegendary Ducky

Mechanical keyboard, Cherry MX brown mechanical switches with extradurable PBTkeycaps. Supports full NKRO via USB.

Note! Thisis a special model that comes with PBT keycaps. PBT keycaps are about 3 timesmore durable than regular ABS keycaps. They don’t “grease up” after longer uselike ABS keycaps tend to do.

Smooth and extremely precise typing. After using a Ducky for a while you’llnever want to go back using those numb rubberdome keyboards. You’ll enjoy theuse of your luxurious Ducky keyboard. Even a long typing session will turn fromtedious work to an absolute pleasure.

Duckys design is very Spartan as a real working tool should be. Strong butslim-edged chassis where there is no unneeded foolishness. There is nofuturistic spaceship desing with goofy logos generated by a bullshit generator.There are only the things you need in a smart looking top notch keyboard

Ducky keyboard is equipped with 108pcs of German Cherry MX mechanical switchesand a high class Ducky FR-4 PCB board which is very durable and can withstandhigh temperatures. Mechanical switches come in 4 different types, with pushforce and switch action differences. Please read more about switch types belowand choose the most suitable one for you.

G2PRO has a full NKRO via USB support meaning that you can simultaneouslybottom all the keys and they will all register. You can set the NKRO support onthe DIP-switch controller beneath the keyboard. From these dip-switches you canalso disable Win-keys so they don’t interrupt your gaming session by accidentor switch places for Caps&Ctrl or ALT&Win keys.

G2PRO has led backlight for WASD-keys and the informative lights on NumLck,ScrLck and Caps are integrated directly to the keys so you don’t have look tothe side to check status. Package includes additional red UV-treated WASDkeycaps and a tool for changing keycaps. Additionally there is a clever dustcover for your Ducky keyboard and a carrying bag for travel. Ducky keyboard hasa detachable mini-USB to USB cable.

Cherry MX mechanical switch types in short:

Brown switch. Tactile switch 45g (55g peak force). A light switch with tactilebump feedback point when button press is registered. Very good for both typingand gaming. A mid ground choice between a linear and a clicky switch. If youare a first timer with mechanical keyboards the brown switch is a very safe andeasily adaptable choice.

Red switch. Linear switch 45g (30-60g full path). A very light switch which isexcellent for fast paced gaming. Is also suitable for typing if you prefer areally light touch when typing.

Blue switch. Tactile and clicky switch 50g (60g peak force). The classical andvery retro keyboard feel. Bump feedback point and a click when a button pressis registered. Excellent switch for typing if the side product generated, thenoise, is not a problem for you. Can be used for gaming as well when the feeland the release point of the blue switch has been embraced.

Black switch. Linear switch 60g (40-80g full path). A heavier switch for thosewho like to use a bit more force when typing. Very good for gaming, especiallyif you are bottoming and holding your keys often in games and need to reallyfeel them beneath your fingers. Also suitable for typing if you like very firmfeel and might even reduce errors while typing as you need more force registera button press.


Leverantör DuckyRelease 2012-05-14
Genre Prod nr 1399G2PPBN
Format KEYBOARDSEAN 6418959025700
Finns även NejInfo uppdaterad 2013-01-22 04:00
Vikt 2.5kg
Skriv ut

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